Buds Bicycle Helmet Mirrors

Updated January 28, 2024

Welcome to my website. I’m celebrating my Sixteenth year in production, and online since July 2012!
I have been handcrafting these mirrors for more than a decade! My Classic style Helmet Mirrors are a tried and true design, and are light weight and stable. Once adjusted, they tend to stay adjusted. Just read the unsolicited letters and reviews published below!

A note from Mr. Gary Davis:
These are the best mirrors I’ve used in nearly thirty years of road cycling. They stay in adjustment and I’ve not had one cloud or fog. My original is 3-4 years old and still going strong even after dropping my helmet after several times. The spoke may not be as straight as it once was but still works like new!
A letter from Mr. Michael P. O’Connor:
I just wanted to write a quick email to tell you how amazing your mirror is. I have been commuting by bicycle for about 20 years and have been searching for the perfect mirror most of that time. My search is done. I can’t imagine anything that would make your mirror better. It gives me a clear image that allows me to see a wide swath of the road behind me and up to my side. The mirror does not bounce or jiggle at all. The mirror does not shift when I store my helmet. In short, everything that bothered me about previous mirrors has been solved by your design. Add to that the fact that they are made from re-purposed materials and I have trouble imagining a better mirror.
I have been telling all my cycling friends and colleagues about your mirrors. Whenever I need another mirror, I will contact you again.
Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck with your business.
Michael P. O’Connor
Asst. Professor
Onondaga Community College

Feel free to comment on my products. Custom artwork is no problem. I can make mirror art out of club logos, pictures, almost any image. Just send a JPEG image to budshelmetmirrors@gmail.com with your jpeg format art and I will put it on your mirror.

I am constantly improving my mirror design and welcome your feedback.

My testers and customers have ridden tens of thousands of miles wearing them on their helmets. They are handmade, primarily of recycled bicycle spokes and aluminum cans for superior light weight and eco-friendliness. People who have used the commonly available plastic mirrors have called mine magic because mine really work.


A letter from Mr. Hal Ballard Hal and his son rode over 2900 miles across the country in support of Rotary Clubs efforts to erase Polio from the earth.:

Happy New Year Bud!

    I want to share with you another example of your work and provide testament to the efficacy  of your mirrors. The Hillsboro Tribune recently published an article abut the Pledge A Penny to End Polio Now Bicycle Odyssey with your mirrors up front and personal! (photo shows the two men wearing helmets with Buds Helmet Mirrors attached)  Here’s what I have to say about your mirrors: “Our journey took my son and me 2901 miles over 55 days. In all that time, the view behind, using Bud’s Helmet Mirror, was clear and wide. Even after 14 straight days of headwinds coming east off the Rocky Mountains, the mirror stayed in place with the only adjustments coming after I had returned the helmet to my head after removing it. They hold in place firmly without compromising the helmets integrity and without slipping. I highly recommend using “Bud’s Helmet Mirrors”                                            Hal Ballard, President elect of Rotary club of Portland-Westside